Download new client Updated on 19 April 2012, old client cannot be used.

Important information : Downloading our full install will not affect your Official Maplestory server , as Zakura and official maplestory do not share the folders. After downloading you can play 2 servers at the same time

Your anti virus scanner may detect a virus in our client , however this is a bug and our client has no virus , as all private server have the same virus as well , You need to set an exception in your anti virus which tell them the client is safe to run and ask your anti virus to allow it to run and stop scanning it.

ZakuraMS V83+v106 customs Folder updated 11Feb2012 (New player , you only need to download this)
Please use download programs to increase your download speed.

ZakuraMS Client(updated 19 April 2012)

ZakuraMS Patch 11/02/2012

1: Download Zakurams Full Folder , extract to anywhere , open Zakurams83.exe to play

if when you open zakurams83.exe and u get connection ended error , please click and see the picture

Your Folder should be same as mine, check all file Sizes and make sure they are the same as the picture, double click zakurams83.exe to play